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Brief review

HelpBox is one of the most popular help desk tools available. This is largely due to the simple interface that comes with HelpBox. While you won’t see a lot of customization options or fancy skins, you will find a clean white background that’s supported by easy to understand terminology.


Any given help desk program should be simple to use. Otherwise, teaching people how to use a program that’s too complex is akin to asking for trouble. HelpBox is one program that you won’t have to spend hours explaining to any help desk employee. From the moment you install this program, you’ll clearly see why HelpBox is so popular and easy to use.

Main Function

As a help desk program, HelpBox performs its duties very well. In addition to multi-user support (always a bonus when it comes to help desk programs), HelpBox is customizable and effective. If you want to keep track of help desk queries, this program can store all pertinent information for you too.

Extra Features

The best feature offered by HelpBox is the remote feature. Users can log into the HelpBox program from any location as long as an Internet connection is present. Once logged in, items can be seen, saved, customized, and controlled with ease.


HelpBox pricing varies according to usage. In order to find out how much this program will cost your business, contact Layton Technologies for pricing information. Keep in mind, while considering price, that this program can be used by many people at once, and it can also be used remotely.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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